Tina Washington, LMHC-A

What we are learning is that often times these two are interrelated and we want to provide your children/families with the best opportunity to improve and simply “feel better”.

What makes the integrated/collaborative model different than “counseling” or “therapy” you ask?

Well, our integrative care is designed to be short term, six to ten, 20-30 minute sessions. These sessions are goal-oriented, collaborative and geared to support the patient and families in discovering tools they may already possess, or provide new skills. Tina will work with patients and families to help them learn to use their tools to build confidence, stability, resilience, and overall health. We are bringing the “team” approach to your child’s care.

We will work to coordinate complete care treatment plans with the Primary Care Provider (PCP), the Behavior Health Specialist (BHS), a Psychiatric Consultant and community providers to help address each child’s unique needs.

Our Behavior Health Specialist is available to help support various behavioral and emotional concerns as follows:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Stressors (relationships, school, friends, family)
  • Familyissues

Patients must be referred to Tina by their Olympia Pediatrics primary care provider. If you are interested in these new services, please schedule an appointment with your provider.

Tina Washington's Schedule:

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