Welcome to Olympia Pediatrics

 Olympia Pediatrics is a primary care practice for babies, children, teens to young adulthood.  Our board certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners work together with our clinical and  business staff to provide quality medical care in a professional, nurturing environment.

Mission Statement:
We are a team of health care professionals who are committed to delivering expert, personalized care and guidance to our families as their children grow from birth through young adulthood.

Our core values are:

  1. Providing contemporary pediatric care in a warm and stimulating environment.
  2. To provide ongoing support of our staff that encourages respect, honesty, efficiency and teamwork.
  3. To provide effective communication with our patients, their families, and each other.

We believe our mission statement and core values ensure long-term practice stability and continued support of our community.


Olympia Pediatrics is happy to welcome David Matthews, MD to the clinic; he has many years of experience and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the team at Olympia Pediatrics.

He attended University of Arkansas School of Medicine and is a board certified Pediatrician.

Dr. Matthews enjoys getting to know his patients and families by being a good listener and including them in the decision making process.  He enjoys seeing all ages in his practice.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Matthews enjoys many pursuits including photography, gardening, bicycling, writing and spending time with his family and 4 grandchildren.